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APEX Runways non-proportional to ALTIS Runways, prohibiting A-143 take-offs
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APEX main Tanoa runway is about 2/3's the length of Altis's main runway.

The A-143 GROUND CAS jet usually requires no more than 2/3's the length of Altis's runway, and yet the A-143 GROUND CAS jet fails to even lift-off it's belly from the APEX Tanoa runway.

There seems to be scaling error somewhere.

(Version 1.68)


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Select and install an A-143 GROUND CAS jet on both Altis and Tanoa main runways.
  1. Try to take-off within the jets.
NOTE: No matter how you position the jet, the jet never reaches above 160-165km/hr on the main Tanoa runway. While on the Altis, the A-143 substantially reaches the +170km/hr at 2/3rd's the length of the Altis runway, of similar if not exact runway length of Tanoa's main runway.

(Going from memory, the A-164 substantially reaches take-off speed with using only 2/3rd's of Tanoa's runway fully loaded, but with two turbines instead of just one.)

Additional Information

I have tested this several times, and this just doesn't make sense.

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rogerx created this task.Apr 4 2017, 12:47 AM

Bottom line, the A-143 GROUND CAS jet, although a preferably used jet versus A-164 for game playability, is currently useless within the Tanoa map.

TIP: If the player aims the A-143 CAS jet towards the left side of the Tanoa runway (while taking-off seaward or south), the jet will likely avoid the runway posts and bounce into the air after hitting the rocks if the nose of the jet is high enough into the air. The jet is then slightly airborne above the water surface, allowing the jet to further increase lift just enough to become further airborne with continuing lift.