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AI Respawn does not work
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After the introduction of 64bit, 2 famous MP missions do not work any more:

BECTI 0.97

The function that is managing the respawn for AI squad leader (which must seek for the next respawn location) is obviously broken, it was working fine before.
If the respawn to group members is permitted, the respawn works fine as long as there are group/squad member alive.
Problem occurs only if slot is managed by AI, for human players everything is fine.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce


  • Get to Angry Insects server and start any 2.04 PROMAN.
  • Let AI run for cities and don't let 'em add units into squad.

Whenever a squad leader is killed without any additional unit in team, the AI squad leader does not respawn and hence the entire AI squad is not functional any more.


  • Get standard BECTI 0.97
  • repeat as for 1.)
Additional Information

Even without precise logging, a BIS employee should be able to find Angry Insects server, connect with addon download, fetch the mission and reproduce the problem.
I highly suggest to go after this issue since it affects a mission type that made OFP great some time ago (MFCTI).

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Muecke added a subscriber: Muecke.Mar 29 2017, 4:38 PM
bj2020 added a subscriber: bj2020.Mar 30 2017, 2:26 AM

the same bug for us after the update to 64-bit, some AI squad leader disappeared, if cmd buy member for them, they were disappeared too.

for human squad leader, sometime i couldn't see any member, but i could hear they were talking somewhere from the radio.

as usual, we are waiting for the cti mission update, but this time no update for several days, we thought Muecke and AI team hit some problem, which need BI involved to solve.

according to Angry Insects members the issue is only present when a dedicated server is employed. If the same MP mission runs locally, AI respawn works as "normal".

INNOCENTandCLUELESS added a comment.EditedApr 11 2017, 5:07 PM

the fix

1.) DOES fix respawn issues for crCTI PROMAN 2.04
2.) DOES ->NOT<- fix the symptoms for BECTI 0.97**

I testet with client&server Win - 64bit-performance versions

**NOT means I got negative results for BECTI with the same server and client setup that gave positive results for crCTI. Another setup with "performance" binaries gave positive results for BECTI. I am about to compare the server/client setups. During testing at Angry Insects also the crCTI was working fine with 1st 1.68 version IF the server difficulty was set to BIS standard "regular". Only BIS devs can comment how difficulty setting could trigger bugs related to respawn functionality.

Retested with v15 of the performance build

  • crCTI PROMAN 2.05 - respawn works fine
  • BECTI 0.97 - respawn works fine
  • BECTI x.xx from repo copy taken on 2017_04_17 - respawn DOES NOT WORK