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I am Stuck in a Rock
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Hello i am stuck in a rock.


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Windows 10
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This is my steam id: olemaster350
Steam profilerofile link:
Game version 0.61
Server this happened on: [GER] Just4Fun CrazyHighLoot 3h RESTART

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chrunc created this task.Mar 28 2017, 10:36 PM
Synthetic added a subscriber: Synthetic.EditedMar 28 2017, 11:01 PM

So if u glitched in a Objective you can try 3 ways to get out.

  1. Run against the invisible wall and lie down. Run against it sneak and then lie down. Sneak backwards to the invisible wall and press F3 (Sit down animation)

( i was stucked several times in a rock and everytime i used this methods to get out. also it can take 15-20 minutes to get out)

  1. Use a Glitch to get out of a Glitch. Any items in your inventory take one put it in your hands. Press F11 ( Suicide Animation) and after that hold fast G + Left Mouse Click and hold it and wait for your death

( Takes 1 minute but u lose all ur Items)

  1. Run against the invisible wall and at the same time disconnect your connection to the Internet.

( it takes like 1-2 minute that u lose connection and it doesnt work everytime)

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Hello chrunc.
We have moved the character for you and it should not be stuck any more. In case there are any issues with the character still, please let us know here.