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Bipods move you point of aim
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The bipods can actually move your rifle away from where you are aiming. it is quite frustrating, especially since the point of bipods is to make it easier to keep your rifle pointed at a target.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

equip rifle with bipod
go in front of a wall
point at a target at an angle (maybe 45-60 degrees off the perpendicular to the wall)
deploy bipod
notice how it moves the actual rifle AWAY from where you are aiming. and even worse you can now not aim back where you wanted without undeploying the bipod. its actually preventing you from aiming at the target you wanted aid aiming at. its like a bizzaro bipod.

Additional Information

in the field you can always but a bipod on a flat surface at any angle as long as both feet have space.

But in arma 3 the bipod wants to align itslef with the angle of the walls which is most unintuitive and infuriating in battles.

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