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Magazine disappeares upon spray painting the gun or the mag itself.
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When you spray paint m4 with a stanag on it, the stanag disappeares. It is put inside your inventory if you have the space or if not it drops on the ground.
If you relog, the magazine is visible and it works as intended. You attach it to the gun and start shooting.

Tested and reproducible with akm drum mag and m4a1


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
x64 Ultimate
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spray paint m4a1 with stanag attached to it.

2.Acknowledge that the mag becomes invisible until you exit and enter the server back.

1.Paint Drum magazine already attached to the AKM
2.See the results. Same as with the m4a1

Additional Information

Happens to other people as well.

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Hello BugReporter00 and thank you for the report.
The issue with disappearing magazines upon spray painting the weapon is known and scheduled for a fix. However, we had no luck reproducing the issue when spray painting the attached magazines on weapons. If it is possible, could you record a video of the issue for us?