Stuck inside a rock
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Was on a rock with a friend when server restarted. AT the restart my friend respawned inside the rock, while i was talking to him i was simply walking around and on the rock. At a moment i got between 2rocks (where i'm aiming at on the picture) and layed down. At this moment my char got moved inside the rock and now we can't get out.

I'm here to see if i can get any help on how to get out, tried a lot of things people recommend to try... You're my last solution i think.

My steam ID:
SHould be : STEAM_0:0:37794487

I was playing on a regular server in a private hive : "[FR/EU] Nativ Gaming | PVP/PVE | Admins actifs / High Loot" IP: ""


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 1607
Terrain Processor
Steps To Reproduce

1- Get between the rocks where i'm aiming at.
2- Lay down
Now you should get stuck inside the rock

Additional Information

about my friend: he was standing on the rock, he had the texture of the rock at his knees. After the server restart, he respawned inside the rock... Can't say more informations about it

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Hello Rulles.
We have moved your character and it should not be stuck any more. In case your friends character is still stuck in the same spot as your character was, please send us the link to his Steam profile and we will move his character as well.

Hi guys ! I'm the friend :)

My steam ID :

Thanks Geez.

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Hello Rithon74.
Your character should be moved now as well. Please let us know in case something went wrong and the character is still stuck.