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Cargo becomes un-detachable on dedicated servers if setSlingLoad is called from multiple machines
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On a dedicated server, if you attach something to a helicoper using setSlingLoad, and you don't call it only on the server, the cargo can never be released.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start new Eden editor session.
  2. In Attributes > General, under States, set the debug console to "Available for everyone".
  3. Place a player on the ground.
  4. Put an Mi-290 Taru (opfor) with AI controlled pilot in the air. Variable name: chopper
  5. Put an empty Rescue Boat underneath it (in the air). Variable name: boat
  6. In the helicopters init field type: 0 = chopper setSlingLoad objNull
  7. Save the mission and export to multiplayer.
  8. Run a dedicated server and connect to it, and load the mission.
  9. After spawning, seeing the helicopter in the air with the boat attached underneath, press escape to open the debug console, then type `chopper setSlingLoad objNull" and press "Exec Global". Nothing will happen.
  10. Close the server, open the mission in the editor and change the init field of the chopper to if (isServer) then { 0 = chopper setSlingLoad boat }
  11. Export, restart the dedicated server, load the mission and notice that global exec'ing 0 = chopper setSlingLoad objNull can now detach the boat.
Additional Information

There are no problems at all on listen servers either way, only on dedicated.

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I don't know why BIKI doesn't mention AL EG for this command.