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Massive flickering on distant objects/buildings/environment
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One day after not having played arma for a week, i start the game and i begin to notice that in the distance all things (buildings/trees/everything) are flickering so bad that the game is unplayable and tiring for the eye. The flickering consists of black tiles/shadows flashing rapidly in the surfaces of buildings etc. My rig consists of gtx 1070+ i7 6700K. Everything was updated. I tried many things: Installing older drivers as far back as 3 editions and every time using DDU. Reinstalling the game/deleting all files related to arma. Messing with every possible option in arma + nvidia settings. Even changing monitor/monitor cables.The flicker appears with or without using scopes. I have tested it both in vanilla and modded servers. Might be related with arma patches etc. Tried it in my laptop, and the same bug appears, asked my friends which their systems are totally different than mine (AMD cpu and GPU) and they have the same bug. Asked some total strangers and they didnt seem to have any problem. Any help would be appreciated so i can start playing the game again. Also spoke with one of your colleagues in bohemia and in multiple suggestions/tries to fix the problem nothing worked. I will upload some pictures of the problem.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 pro, latest updates
Steps To Reproduce

I just login to arma 3 servers vanilla or modded. Even in editor and have the same graphical bug

Additional Information

I have provided bohemia support with multiple Arma 3 RPT files, dxdiag files and msinfo32 files and none of them helped your colleagues

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spyrounas created this task.Mar 8 2017, 6:33 PM

This is a phenomenon called "z-fighting". It has always happened is certain condititions, and there's no way for you to avoid it.

This is a phenomenon called "z-fighting". It has always happened is certain condititions, and there's no way for you to avoid it.

Thats not an answer or something to help me. There is always an explanation about a problem. ''Things just not happen''. I have a beast of a pc and its really strange for this to happen suddenly, so something triggered this z fighting. I am trying to find the solution. The problem may be at the z buffer, a hotfix in nvidia drivers, a fault in the lod distance etc etc

I'm sure this has always happened to you, just like it has to everyone else. You only just now noticed it.

Although, it's possible your situation is much worse than everyone else's. So could you post your settings, position where this happens, and even a video if that's possible.

I have been playing the game for months now and i can assure you 100% it was not always like that. It started 2 weeks ago and i can see it after 400 meters. it can be seen everywhere on the maps of altis, stratis modded or vanilla. There is a video on youtube that describes my problem: mine is just more intense

I guess you've been lucky then because z-fighting has been always happening to everyone else who has ever played this game.

Here's my video of this issue which affects pretty much all game rendering engines:

tRiKy added a subscriber: tRiKy.Apr 14 2017, 11:37 AM

same issue for me with asus 1070 strix, i heard a lot of people claiming this, and i suspect it could be, some way, related to 1070

i found on web on older arma version was possible to fix it runing the game on a single core, but i don't sure if this parameter still exist

finally i've find out that using reshade with arma seems to solve most of z-fighting issues with my 1070,
give it a try