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[SOLVED]Dev mode in SP campagne manned
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Sadly the dev named 'Dram' does not respond on the Take On Mars steam'discussion' where I asked it and when he posted a message he didn't response on my question. I hope this way will help me.

When I start ToM with developer mode in the single-player manned campagne I can acces the console but not the editor. I have changed the keybinds and even after that it is not possible to go into editor-mode.

The editor does work with scenario mode and off-course in the editor itself, not in the SP manned campagne.

Me and a few other users want to know how to fix this or how to revert to a version where it does works.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

All branched tested:
Does not work

Keybindings changed serval times to test, not working in SP

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Ok so first you would have to extract game data somewhere using the TKOM Loader. Note that this data is not used by the game itself, but may be used in mods/addons.
Next, browse to '<extracted folder>/scenarios/campaign/manned/' - in there you will find the mission scenarios and their scripts.
Now, in each of the *.script files, search for this function:

bool GetCanDoControllerAction(int iID)

In this function remove these lines:

	return false;

Done! Now you just put that into a mod and you're good to go. Making a mod is documented here:

Thanks to dram for answer.

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