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Dying/Coloring Clothing doesn't work [Rustycaddy's Report]
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Attempting for another time, Coloring clothing or armbands in barrels seem to not work, even rejoin the same server still doesn't seem to help.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a barrel of any color. ( Mine was green, also had about half of the barrel was full of water )
  2. Place a white t-shirt inside the barrel.
  3. Place any color required dyes. ( I used [4] 100% Plant material to dye my armband )
  4. Wait until it finishes, which then you will see it doesn't work. ( I rejoined the server and still nothing worked )
Additional Information

This is on stable version: 0.61.137871
On a full server. ( After rejoining my friend didn't see any change to the armband and I didn't either, he then rejoined and still no change )

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I've attempted this on both t-shirts and armbands, I also even bleached both of these items, still didn't help.

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Hello rustycaddy and thank you for the report.
We are aware that there are issues with the armband/tshirt colors being applied/updated incorrectly when using the barrel and the issues have been scheduled for a fix. Restarting the client upon dyeing the items should update their colours, though we are aware that incorrect colours might be applied to the items (which is a part of the issue and also scheduled for a fix).