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Desync of vehicle part item quality between server and client
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Friend and I found Sedan crashed in a ditch. All wheels showed as pristine, but one was visually ruined (shredded rubber). Upon entering the vehicle and attempting to drive it, it worked properly but had a huge level of desync/jitter. The effective speed of the car was that of a normally functioning one but it appeared to lag back and forward constantly. Upon removing/replacing the wheel that appeared ruined despite its pristine status, and repairing all the other wheels to ensure they weren't suffering a similar issue, said desync was almost completely eliminated.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Home Premium
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find vehicle with four wheels that show their quality as pristine but visually are not
  2. Attempt to drive it normally
  3. Replace/repair said wheels with tire repair kit
  4. Attempt to drive it again
Additional Information

I have no way of knowing what causes the desync of item quality, or if wheels on cars simply always show as pristine - it may be that getting close enough (having the vehicle inside your "network bubble" when it was not previously) will make them all show as pristine. Due to the relative rarity of vehicles in-game, I was unable to attempt to reproduce this issue, though on the DayZ subreddit many players have reported having similar desync issues with their vehicles, whereas others have reported no issues at all. This bug may be the cause of such a disparity of experiences for different players.

Note: This is on the current Stable version of DayZ as of March 2nd 2017 - 0.61.137871. Was using 32 bit client for stability reasons.

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Hello IonicPaul and thank you for the report.
We are aware of both of those issues and they are scheduled for a fix. However, currently we are not aware that desync issue would be resolved by updating the incorrectly appearing wheels. Can you let us know in case you get a working vehicle again and you were able to get rid off the vehicle desync by removing and re-attaching its wheels?

IonicPaul added a comment.EditedMar 7 2017, 4:22 PM

Hello Geez,

As of this time I have repaired several more vehicles, and as you have said, the wheel issue is not the only factor - the wheel issue was the only I could identify, along with a possible influence by other players' presence in the vehicle. The desync is not completely removed at all times by replacing the wheels, but I have noticed appreciable improvement when I have.

And to clarify: The ruined wheels showing as pristine must be removed and replaced with different wheels.

To be sure, my sample size is small (I have driven two sedans, one offroad, and two trucks over the past week), but I have had variable performance among the different vehicles. The offroad, barring when its wheels were damaged, never had desync issues, even over multiple days. The sedans were variable, sometimes driving smoothly and sometimes desyncing. The trucks were nearly always affected by the desync.

I apologize for dumping so much info which may be irrelevant or insignificant; I hope some of it can help!

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Thank you for the additional information IonicPaul.

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