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Hotbar not displaying items properly on stable branch
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The bug started occuring since the 10mb update which I think was the update before the one that added the cars back to Stable.

It happens regardless of the server played on and it is POSSIBLY triggered by swapping clothes with items already in them and which items have been assigned to the hotbar (1,2,3,4,5... numbers)
Example: have a pistol and some rags in the pants and assign them to numbers 1 ,2 for quick access.
Then swap some clothes (vests,pants,hoodies)
Next-reasign them again and when you press tab to open inventory you also see the hotbar. You can also see the items in the hotbar. Close inventory and some of the items in the hotbar will be apperant, others will not. If you have your pistol assigned to (1) there will be no visual indicator(pistol icon) that such item is assigned to hotbar slot 1 BUT if you press 1 you can get your pistol in your hands as normal.

Read the steps to reproduce cuz its a bit confusing for me as well.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
x64 Ultimate
Steps To Reproduce

Assign as much items to the hotbar as you can , to figure out what triggers it faster

Swap some clothes from your body with items in them , with clothes spawned on the ground.

Return the items from your original piece of clothing and assign them to the hotbar again.

See if any of the items(assigned to slots (1-9) dissapered from the hotbar.

You should be able to see the items in the hotbar (visible from pressing tab ) but not in the hotbar while TAB is closed.

The bug creates confusion because I cant remember all the items I assigned to the slots so I have to TAB in order to see where they are.

The bug happens on the game of my friend that I play with.

Additional Information

I apologise for the confusing explanation. If you need a video I will try to provide one which should be able to show the bug in a matter of seconds.

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Hello BugReporter00 and thank you for the report.
We are aware of this particular issue occurring and it is scheduled for a fix, however we cannot reproduce the issue with the reproduction steps you have provided. Could you try to record a video with the steps showing how to reproduce the issue?

I cant seem to reproduce the bug as well. Sorry for the trouble :)

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Thank you BugReporter00.
Please let us know under this ticket in case you come across another step of reproduction steps which cause the issue for you (or in case you find an additional step you have accidentally missed).