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Plane won't start rolling even at full throttle when analog throttle is used
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When using an analog throttle, the usual way of mapping the axis is mapping both positive and negative axis. If I do this, I can use the throttle once I'm in the air.

However, on the ground, doing full throttle will not do anything. The plane won't start rolling. When pressing the appropriate thrust key on the keyboard, the plane starts rolling. Once it has a certain speed (around 15 km/h) the analog throttle suddenly works. Stopping the plane (without switching off the engine) and then using full analog throttle again will again not make the plane roll.

In essence, the analog throttle only starts working if the plane is going above 15 km/h


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. In the Edior, place a plane on a runway (tried several, so it probably doesn't matter)
  2. move throttle forward to turn on engine (or start engine with key or action menu, result won't change)
  3. Move throttle to full thrust. Observe: no sound of engine revving up, plane won't move.
  1. Press accelerate key. Observe: engine sound rises in pitch (indicating higher thrust), plane starts to move
  2. at around 15 km/h, release accelerate key. Move throttle to full again. Observe: When releasing the key, engine revs go down. When pushing the throttle to full deflection while rolling, engine sound changes indicating the throttle is actually working.

From this point on, the analog throttle works as expected, plane can be accelerated to takeoff speed, throttle reacts normally in the air.

Additional Information

I don't think it's relevant, but I'm using a Warthog HOTAS throttle. Other players I've talked with had similar experiences with different controllers, though. All tests were done without any mods. Tested on current release branch (1.66) and on dev branch (1.67 x64), both with the same result.

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Varanon created this task.Feb 23 2017, 11:01 AM

I've also found that the jets don't properly respond to my throttle inputs and I have to press the keyboard key to take off. I'm using the slider on my Sidewinder FFB2 joystick. When I click Show in the mapping screen it shows that ArmA is responding properly to the slider, reading 0 when it's at the bottom and 100 when I move it to the top, so when pushed up to the top it should make the jets go full throttle and take off but for some reason it doesn't.

In the past I did find I could use the throttle successfully by only mapping one half of the axis to jet throttle in ArmA, which doesn't make any sense and contradicts the standard advice. However, this doesn't seem to be a permanent solution as I find after a while when I go to fly jets this workaround is no longer working.

PiepMGI added a subscriber: PiepMGI.Mar 8 2017, 4:47 AM

Yep, agreed 100% I wrote about that on Jet DLC project.... Not sure to be heard. It's absolutely boring to get half throttle pad. The workaround binding both increase/decrease sides of the stick for power doesn't work.

Furthermore, afterburner should be coupled with "turbo" but this is a mod consideration so far (CUP, UNSUNG, all AB jets are disparate in menu/binding). If BI DLC could be more consistent with the realism of a cockpit, this could be great.