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Unable to exit Zeus mode when launching test from Eden...
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When launching a test from within Eden I get stuck in Zeus mode and am unable to exit Zeus mode. Also all entities within the editor that are marked as playable show up as open to player. However when I am in the Zeus mode I can not take over any characters or tell them what to do.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Pro
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Load up mission in editor and then move to run the scenario for testing. After mission loads it comes up with view stuck in Zeus and unable to get out into slots in mission.

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thank you for the feedback.
Unfortunately I am unable to download the mission as the link seems to be expired.

  1. Exitting Zeus, this seems weird, could you if possible, upload a repro mission that demonstrates only the Zeus setup

Additionally if you have have Zeus set up as a Virtual Entity (not a unit) it is completely normal you cannot exit it as you have nowhere to exit it to (inside some unit as none is set for your slot)

  1. Controlling units - this is actually correct, Zeus is able to control only units he has placed down himself
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Download link for mission has been corrected.

Update: When I went to check on this again this morning I was able to load the mission and start from editor and it played as normal. I spoke with another person late last night and he says that he gets this occassionally but not often enough to be concerned. I am not sure what changed on my end if anything but it works as it is supposed to now. Will attempt to reproduce when I get home from work tonight.

Thank you for the info, should you come across something that might lead to some repro for this issue, please let me know :)

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Cannot reproduce. v2.04