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Arma 1 & 2 Models [URGENT]
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So I've found a plethora of models scattered around Chernarus, many of which are inside buildings and plenty outside. This is very urgent, not to be taken seriously, but it's definitely a must. These models are mostly from Arma 1 or known as Arma: Operation Flashpoint (2001), it's very unprofessional to have models that are super low poly like these ones, and they should be updated or replaced or completely removed from the game. Some are also from Arma 2, but they're low poly and the textures look god awful, so it would be nice for a revamp of them...

These are the following comparisons...

These models are from Arma 2 as well as 1, and these don't have comparison's but they're very low detailed. Very low poly and textures, they should also be updated...

This building should be retextured and enterable

This entire gas stand should be replaced or updated


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Go around the map to many of the buildings, many of these exterior and interior models can be found around Chernarus. Check many of the buildings and you'll easily find all these models...

Additional Information

Really spent some time gathering these images, really hope they all get updated! Thank you...

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Hello rustycaddy and thank you for the report.
The old models/textures are going to be improved / replaced in the future stages of development.