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Take on mars unplayable multiplayer
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Dear Bohemia Interactive

i bought couple days ago your new released game " Take on mars " so i can play something else besides Arma 3 wich i'm a great fan off.
And to be honest i love Take on Mars as many as Arma 3 but there is unfortuinatly a downside to it,
When i try to play it with a friend of mine cooperative as competitive it's not letting us play the game as it should. For example when we try to print out a helmet the game bugs and prints millions of helmets and that cost us a major lag and right after it the game crashes. But when i play it solo there is no problems at all and i can enjoy Mars for hours. So basicly my question is how to fix this issue because we tried to play it with and without mods and nothing seems to help and we realy wanna enjoy it playing together so please help us with it

With love


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Windows 10 x64

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Your idea couldn’t have most certainly been written any better. tres card game

Take on Mars is a wicked game! It may be a few years old now but it still stands the test of time.
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