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Stary Sobor curoius backpack wormhole
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Test on

  • Stable: 0.61.137741. 4 different servers. 2 publics and 2 private.


  • I really don´t know how to explain this properly. My friends and I notice that at north of the Stary Sobor military base (just about 063.075 according to Dayz Tv Map, picture here: Zone, third or fourth tree line in the Stary north forest) it usually “spawns” backpack with items inside. Items that seems have been used by players (ruined stuff, random items, etc.). Note: I didn´t take pictures or record this.
  • First time we found two Alice backpacks with some items inside (shotgun ammo, a bottle and other ammunition I don’t remember now because we didn’t pay many attentions at that time). We found it strange but thinks it was the result of a combat or just a player that leave that stuff there because alice usually don’t spawn at Stary tents. This was in a private server. Note: I didn´t take pictures or record this.
  • The second time we found a Taloon backpack with some other stuff inside (5.56x45mm, food, animal meat, rope, some morphine and other things). Me and the guy who was with me (I always play with him and he was with me when we saw the alice backpacks some dayz before). We start to suspect. This was in a public server. Note: I didn´t take pictures or record this.
  • Some Dayz later I found another Taloon with nothing inside. Private server (different than before). Video:
  • Yesterday, and that’s the reason I’m making this ticket I found another backpack (Blue Drybag) with a screwdriver inside. The server was a public one, different that the second “incident”.

Possible explanation?

  1. Incredible coincidence or I’m just lying (I’m really not)
  2. Those backapacks should spawn inside the tents or near the tents and they are spawing outside in the forest. But this don´t explain the items inside (some of them where ruined).
  3. There is some kind of bug, like a wormhole that each time a player loses his backpack, this backpack travels through a 4 dimensional space that leads to the Stary Sobor north forest.

I just post this ticket in case this is a bug and I going check in some forums to see if someone else have this kind of coincidences.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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