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AI positions for weapon deployment on Buildings/ Terrain objects
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Now that we have a weapon deployment feature, it would be really helpfull to be able to specify positions in the paths LOD, where the AI could be ordered to deploy a weapon (precisely) for good effect. Since the deployment mostly acts like a turret (fixed in position) the AI only needs to find its way to this position and then snap to the deployment point.
This would help tremendously to finally use structures and fortifications for AI defense missions, as squad lead ingame, as Zeus "director" and as mission creator. Right now buildings are mostly useless for AI. Even normal windows pose problems for the AI, as it prefers to go prone or crouch and therefore is unable to engage (unless neutered artificially via scripts.), or not stand in the correct place so that it can't use the position.

It would likely suffice to have a select few deployment positions on each building, not every space where deployment could be possible for players needs to be an AI deployment point. An additional "deploy position object" similar to a weapon holder object could be usefull to place sucha position on objects or terrain, where the original maker did not place a deploy point in the model. It would allow high flexibility from the get go, without having to add positions to building models first.


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