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Flag not on soldier when captured
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The representation of the Flag does not attach to the player when it is captured. This has killed the CTF community... Do something !


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
It's the game not the OS
Steps To Reproduce

Take flag from flag-pole (single and multiplayer)

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Can you describe this issue more properly please? Which situation caused this behavior? How to reproduce this bug? We need to be able to reproduce your report. (attach some picture or video at the best)

Thank you.


Sorry if this is going to sound rude but, have you played Arma ?

I may not have been clear and will try to explain better :

Historically, in OFP/Arma, the Capture the Flag system was built on a "flagSide" basic. If the flag is not in your "Side" then you are able to capture it.

Well since Arma 3 (and you still haven't solved the problem) the Flag doesn't attach to the player when it is captured from the flag pole !

please refer to my topic in the Forum :

I would like to have an official answer in this topic + the registration of this issues in the list of "known issues"...

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Thank you for the clarification of the situation.

This CTF bug has been reported in past and we will focus on it.

Thank you for your report.

Yes... but in when ? Arma 3 is out since 2013 and it has never been fixed........

Hi guys ! Please note that I have been testing the feature in the 1.68 RC and 1.69 dev branch and it still doesn't work. Can you please integrate this in the 1.68 update plz !?