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Filter issue with Third Person servers
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Noticed that when "Third Person" servers are checked under the Server browser filter options, First Person servers also appear. They are not filtered out of the list.


Operating System
Windows 10
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Under the Server browser, select to favourite both 1PP and 3PP servers by selecting and highlighting the Star beside the server name on the left
  2. In the filter list, I put a check in the following boxes - Ping set to 166ms, Favourites, and Third Person.

Both First Person and Third Person servers appear.
Clicking Third Person again will create a red X and will properly filter out third Person servers.

Additional Information

I can test other scenarios if required

Event Timeline

Yes +1
Normal list : All Server(Third and First person)
Click "Third person"(Green √) : All server (Third and First person)
Click "Third person"(Red X) : Only First person

Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Jan 17 2017, 2:59 PM
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Hello PhillyDogTV and thank you for the report.
We are aware of an issue that when the third person and favorited filters are checked at the same time, the first person servers also appear in the list. Can you check if the 1st person servers also appear without the favorited filter?

Hi Geez,

I have confirmed that when Favourites is not checked, there is no issue with 1PP servers showing up, as you indicated. So if you are aware that is what caused it and there is already a ticket open for it, this one can be closed. Thanks!

Thank you PhillydogTV.
The primary ticket for the issue can be followed here