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Zeus Module bug on a dedicated server
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Pressing Y will not start Zeus. When you start the mission Arma3 server. If you config mission - disabled AI.
Zeus in the unit that owns the module is switched on only after Esc - Respawn.

If enable AI, it works.
If you run a server from the game itself the errors do not occur.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Zeus - Missions
Steps To Reproduce

Open EDEN editor
Create any unit
Open unit attributes
Set unit variable zeus1 - press OK

Zeus - add module -Game master
Open Game master attributes
set owner - zeus1

Top menu - Attributes - multiplayer
Lobby - Remove the check mark - Enable AI
Respawn - Respawn on Custom Points
press OK

save mission and export to multiplayer

add cnf server files -
persistent = 1;
add server parametrs -autoInit

copy mission pbo file to Arma3 server folders mpmission, run server

Additional Information

if disable server persistent & autoInit, it's works
but if the server has two or more people and zeus of them leaves the server in the next slot is connected to Zeus, it does not work until ESC -respawn

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I'm also want to know if this is figured or not. or atleast if something is wrong then tell us to how to fix it.