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Out of Memory - Cant start ArmA 3
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I cannot start ArmA 3 at the moment. It crashes all the time after the APEX logo. It shows

Error Messages:

First there was the error message

STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (if i use the maxMem)

Then it changed to

Out of Memory (requested 0 KB)
footprint 3373539328 KB.
pages 32768 KB.


0x0000dead / Error at 0x00000000743BA832

I didnt changed anything on my system. No installation of any software and didnt changed any parts of my hardware.
Before this issue pops up i worked in the Arma EDEN editor. But this worked fine in the past.


  • WIN10 64
  • i7 6700K untouched
  • 16GB RAM
  • GTX 780 AMP!
  • SSD 830
  • SSD 850
  • 3x HDD


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1607 Build 14393.576
Game Startup
Steps To Reproduce
  • Open Steam
  • Start ArmA 3 launcher
  • Start ArmA 3 via launcher with no mods, no profile just vanilla
  • Game crashes after APEX logo (2FPS)

Log files here:

ArmA Report:
ArmA Launcher:

Additional Information

I tried following solutions

  • Checked game cache and files via Steam (Verify integrity of game cache)
  • New installation of ArmA 3
  • Activated Page file
  • Started Steam as an administrator
  • Removed all mods
  • Updated graphic card driver
  • Started with launcher_138522 from
  • Moved ArmA 3 to a another HDD via Steam

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I have this problem also, precisely the same error messages.

Intel 6700K
Strix Gaming GTX 1080
8Gb mem
2 SSDs (Arma installed to first)

Tried :-

  • verifying local cache
  • removed Arma3 and Battleye binaries and re-verified local cache (downloading the deleted binaries)
  • Launched via swifty and Arma 3 launcher, with and without mods

New info : Launching the game from the Arma 3 launcher with a profile other than the default selected the game launches without problems. If I switch the profile at the main menu the game crashes to desktop with the same memory error.

Is this resolved? I'm having this exact same issue.

Is this resolved? I'm having this exact same issue.

No its not. Still the same errors. Tried a lot. Waiting currently for a feedback from BIS.

The workaround is valid, though - delete your profile data and load up Arma. The profile will still be there, it will recreate all of the profile files for you and there are no out of memory errors. You will need to remap any keys you had previously configured, plus re-enable/re-map any devices (joystick, TrackIR, etc) you have connected. You will also need to recreate any saved loadouts in the Virtual Arsenal - I like to keep backup copies (export from arsenal, paste into SQF file) of my loadouts for exactly this reason.

I don't know how it got to be this way, none of my clan colleagues have this problem and I hadn't changed anything before this problem started. Some feedback from BIS would be nice but the workaround works while we wait.

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Hi, @vicious

The solution might be much easier than you thought.

I´ve check your report:

ErrorMessage: Out of memory (requested 0 KB). footprint 3381927936 KB. pages 32768 KB.
Fault address: 777DA832 01:000D9832 C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll

The issue has occured in case of your registry libraries (kernelbase.dll) or low video memory space.

KernelBase is common Windows .dll located C:\Windows\System32

KernelBase.dll is external DLL which allow multiple software programs to share the same function. For example, the Windows is launched on your PC and you decide to play Arma 3. DLL is non active until you launch Arma 3 which will be written to your memory.
Some programms cause deleting KernelBase.dll so check if you still have it in your PC, if not, download it. I don´t recommend you to download it from non official servers because DLL from there should contain harmful viruses. You can download it directly from Microsoft.

Errors KernelBase.dll may be associated with damage or outdated of device drivers. Drivers can be one day operate without a problem and the next day not. The good news is that you can always upgrade the device driver to solve the problem DLL.

You can use Windows update tool or GPU driver updater provided by developer. KernelBase.dll is often related with HDD space or another discrepancy there. Sometimes, the culprit is any virus so it´s good to scan whole computer.

You can try this link.

or If you´re experienced Win user, you can try this.

I´m sorry for a long description but I hope it will help you to resolve your problem. In any case, we´ll investigate your issue and let you know. It will take some time so I´ll ask you about patience.

Thank you

This doesn't explain how deleting the profile causes the problem to go away, as in my case. By your logic a missing DLL would impact all profiles but this is clearly not the case.

Hi @Alwin

The Kernelbase.dll is still in /System32
I have a 3GB ZOTAC GeForce GTX 780 AMP! Edition. So low video memory space should not be possible.
I have checked the system and no virus was found. Also no Malware etc...
Windows 10 and graphic card driver are up to date.

I tried to register the DLL via C:\>regsvr32 KERNELBASE.dll and this happens:

"The module 'KERNALBASE.dll' was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found. Make sure that 'KERNELBASE.dll' is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try again.

I checked my files again with sfc /scannow but no erros.

Any more suggestions?

OK @ianglennongmailcom is right. If i delete the profile folder (backup made) the game starts normal.
So i copied the files step by step and the problem is the yourprofilename.vars.Arma3Profile

You can keep all files. Only the yourprofilename.vars.Arma3Profile must be deleted and you can start the game.

Can confirm that deleting the .vars profile fixes the issue. But my question is whether or not the issue will happen again after loading the game for the first time?

@vicious If your game runs correctly now, it´s a good news. Deleting profile is one of possible solutions and if it works, this ticked will be closed.

@baodur11 An error would not be repeated, but if it will be repeated there can be problem with video memory or some other discrepancy. Send us ticket.

Thank you bot for you cooperation.

@Alwin: I test it in the next days to be sure everything is fine. I played yesterday and everything was fine. If it works also in the coming days we can close this topic. Thanks again to @vicious

Alwin closed this task as Resolved.Jan 18 2017, 9:31 AM

@vicious I´m glad to hear it. So next time. :)

Enjoy the game.