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(Very) Bad Server Performance on Private Servers
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Hello Guys,

I've been playing the current stable patch over 60 hours in the last two weeks. The servers I played on are:

  • | 12h | 9am to 6pm | Admins | Event (Address: Port: 2702)
  • [UKA] UK Alliance - Hardcore | This is Hardcore. Are You? (Address: Port: 2400)
  • Oldschool DayZ Hardcore | (Address: Port: 2802)

My friends and I are experienced A LOT of bad server performance on those servers lately. Indications were:

  • long server reaction times (eating etc)
  • Infected moving mainly in slow motion
  • heavy firefight-desync (sometimes up to 3 secs)
  • difficulties leaving buildings through doors (just assuming that its desync/performance related)
  • game seems overall laggy

It got so worse, it almost became unplayable for us, so we decided to try out a high-pop-public server:

  • Fjord Gaming | High Military Action | Daytime | Active admins! ( Port: 2302)

To our surprise this server had a much better performance. It felt like playing on experimental servers. Indications were:

  • Infected seem to run at desired speed and are better to handle
  • server responding quickly in inventory
  • people dropping "instantly"

-game seems to run overall less laggy

I assume the bad server performance on private servers is caused by player camps. (I guess people on public servers tend to build bases on low-pop servers).
I am sure you guys are aware of the server performance and constantly working on it. But I guess its worth a post, since I assume you guys (Devs) mainly investigate server performance on experimental servers and those servers dont tend to have a high amount of big player bases, like the popular private servers.

I also made a post on reddit, were people experience the same problem:

Best regard


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cs_wolf added a subscriber: cs_wolf.EditedJan 10 2017, 6:03 PM

Exacly what I am experiencing, needs looking into!

Private Servers-

OldschoolDayZ Server
DayZ Underground EU

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Jan 11 2017, 11:46 AM

i play on odschool but it doesnt mather.hotfix in january bring desync,lag..

Geez added a subscriber: Geez.Jan 12 2017, 4:38 PM

Hello gerryscourt and thank you for the report.
We are currently looking into the issue and checking the servers for possible issues.