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Arma 3 Eden editor crash 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
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Editor crashes every time I try to save or load my scenario with error: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
I can play Arma 3 with no problems so far, and I've made a few scenarios befora and was making one when this occured. After it happened the first time, it happens every time. :(


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Start Arma3 with or with no mods, start editor and try to open or save a scenario. Editor freezes for a moment and then crashes with said error message.

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LyeDecker created this task.Jan 7 2017, 4:39 PM
LyeDecker added a comment.EditedJan 7 2017, 5:06 PM

OK, the problem is in the scenario I was making, because after I removed it from the missions folder, editor works again. I can open and save missions now. But I've lost the mission I worked on for two days.. :( Would be nice to know what went wrong with it.

I believe I was working on joining AI units to player, with: [unitname] join playername; in a trigger and when I tried to save, the game crashed. But I had been working for hours, so can't be sure if that was the cause.

Maybe it was something else that caused the first crash during saving.. and the save was corrupted and then caused game crash when later trying to open mission saves?

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Try the below possible solutions one-by-one:

Try restarting your computer and then verifying the integrity of the game cache for Arma 3.

  1. Restart your computer and launch Steam
  2. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
  3. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game cache... button.
  4. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.

Try all of the possible solutions listed on the Arma 3 Unusual process exit article on the Bohemia Interactive Community Wiki.

Try switching to and playing on the profiling game branch. After downloading new data verify the integrity of the game cache.

• profiling branch (special performance + profiling build - requires access code: CautionSpecialProfilingAndTestingBranchArma3), alternative download of needed binary possible from Dwarden's dropbox

Next, you could try to use this solution, called Change your game profile.

  1. Go to C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Arma 3
  2. Copy all files
  3. Delete the whole folder
  4. Return back your profile settings
  5. Launch the game

Next, solution is based on change video memory limit by these steps:

  • wrong updated GPU drivers
  • low space in your video memory
  • custom graphic settings (high graphic game quality vs. your GPU)
  • discrepancies in the newest release GPU drivers

So, there is some solutions.

  • try to decrease your graphic quality (if you're using ultra set high or medium). It´s possible that your have no more space on your GPU.
  • reinstall your GPU drivers

You can try the last possible solution called All in One Runtimes tool.

  1. Download All in One Runtimes
  2. Tool will repair your Visual C++, Java SE, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, Silverlight, DirectX
  3. Restart computer
  4. Uninstall the tool
  5. Launch the game

Let me know if the issue still persist.

Interesting because I am testing this on Dev build 1.83.144470 five nights at freddy's and it all works as it should. Rhino spawns with camo net. Skins are as they should. Regarding the SLAT armor I will have to ask the designers about that.

Another great update
having the same issues - I have ran thru the wiki guess with no resolution.
have adj graphics settings (even if the ones have neem working for years at this point)
have validated the files several times, ran SFC and Dism multiple times.
Have replaced my profile and spent a hour redoing the controls just have it crash repeatedly
Have done a clean install of GPU drives both current and one that is over a year old( that I know isnt a issue for Arma
I have watched the video memory (hardware monitor and procession X not getting near 12gb - I am running out of ideas{F2251638}

Im having the same issue, tried almost everything but reinstalling the game, i switched the parameters to 34 bit and it seemed to work for a few seconds until the game crashes all over again.

Is Arma going to release a patch or is this something we had to fix on our own?

R3vo added a subscriber: R3vo.Jun 8 2021, 3:56 PM

@hose_from_mexico Can you post your crash files here so a dev can take a look at it. The crash files from the original author are too old.

R3vo closed this task as Resolved.Jun 28 2021, 4:19 PM

No up-to-date log files.

I have had random crashes of the Eden Editor over the past month or so. I filed the necessary details and report files via "Feedback". I am awaiting an analysis. Thanks.