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server kick, game crash
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-games crash sometimes only now, after the solution mentioned in the previous report.

  • i started getting kicked from the server more frequently, and increasing intensity.
  • i deleted my mission files. this is regarding (battle royal). no avail.
  • i conducted the solution recommended by the previous report as well as the battle royal FAQ's file.

-i have a lenovo Y700, and arma3 is reinstalled on the SSD integrated in the said device.
-this problem has the title of STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION, and STATUS_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO, the latter i informed to change my profile, and it worked for a 2 days only, and the problem resumed with both titles.
-i get with various messages like, u were kicked from the server, battle eye vehicle restriction, steam authentication failed, but mostly the first one.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

-verify the game files.
-opening the launcher after clicking play on steam.

  • making sure i have the right mode, profile, then clicking play in the launcher.

-selecting random server, ---game crash(very few times now), --- getting kicked , in the lobby, while parachuting, or mid game.
-same with every server, even after restarting the game, consulting devs, verifying game files.

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-games crash sometimes only now, after the solution mentioned in the previous report.

Referencing previous report: T122492.

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The problem should be somewhere deeply in your computer software so we´ll try to find out where it is.

You could try to use this solution:

  1. Go to C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Arma 3
  2. Copy all files
  3. Delete the whole folder
  4. Return back your profile settings
  5. Launch the game

Next, you can try this solution:

This error is very generic. It may be caused by many issues, such as a hardware malfunction, a virus in the computer, but also an error in the game itself. Possible solutions:

  1. Try joining another server, then rejoin the previous one.
  2. Update the graphics card drivers to a newer version.
  3. Rollback the graphics card drivers to an older version.
  4. Check the temperature of your GPUs and CPUs.
  5. Verify the integrity of the game cache using Steam.
  6. Re-install DirectX.
  7. Uninstall the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package (x86 version), restart your computer and install the package again (do not use the Repair function).
  8. Run a Windows System File Check tool to repair corrupted system files.

Third, try to open Task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and check the actual processes if some of them are running unnecessarily. Close them.

Fourth, open your Antivirus tool and scan your computer due to potentially unwanted software.

Fifth, you can try the last possible solution called All in One Runtimes tool.

  1. Download All in One Runtimes
  2. Repair your Visual C++, Java SE, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, Silverlight, DirectX
  3. Restart computer
  4. Launch the game
  5. Uninstall the tool

Let me know if the issue will still persist.

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Alwin added a comment.Jan 3 2017, 4:06 PM


remove Workshop mod from your Launcher parameters, if server don´t accept it (as wrote on your jpg). It will be weird, if server requests this mod.

i removed it,i was able to play altis life, unmoded mission in arma, without problem, and i also played a round of the workshop mod.

Alwin added a comment.Jan 4 2017, 5:08 PM


And did you problem persist or it´s okay?

i dont have problem with unmoded game, but when i put the mod on, some times im able to play full rounds of battle royal without hitch, and few times i get kicked, less persistence. if u know more tricks lets me know.
i should let u know that the game was on my HDD, and the problem with the mod was very much high, so the devs of the mod suggested, to relocate the game to my SSD, i did that, and the mod did not move with game, so i had to re-download it in the new location (SSD). the problem diminished for quite minimum time like a day or 2, and im struggling with it ever since. the mod help dev give me the FAQ file which consisted of normal procedures like, verifying the game files, check the mod update, mission files, files count, and so, which i complied. and after that they said no help can be giving to me as per the limited tricked they had, all were used with no avail.
so i was directed to arma 3 feedback and discord, in discord no help were given except its the mod( workshop) no the main game, which i knew, also i should mention that very few number of players are experiencing this. so it may be from my poor hard ware, which is lenovo Y00. it is a good hardware for playing arma. and i should add im playing standard settings, just in case.
by the way the mod is not in the parameters section in the launcher. its only in the mod section. and when i remove it from the mod section in the launcher parameter, the server did ask for the mod(obviously), so i had to put it back on.
i used the tool provided by u, and i think it worked, not sure for how long, i got kicked few times today at the end, but that was expected. people r using net in my house.

I have the same Problem. At the moment my Arma is running fine. I wont close it as long as i can. When i close the game the problem will appear again. As dr_mikoom, i tried everything possible. I tried upgrading from win7 to win10 but the problem stayed.
My hardware cant be the problem. I have a friend with exactly the same stuff without this problem.

Alwin added a comment.EditedJan 6 2017, 9:49 AM

Hi, @dr_mikoom and @Zeroore

I´ve checked your crash report. I think that problem is here:

I´ve found many DX11 a C++ faults in your callstack that means low video memory space, old graphic driver or low HDD space.

So try this:

  • Decrease your game graphic quality
  • Set another memory allocator via Launcher parameters
  • Reinstall your c++ net framework driver
  • Use CCleaner to clean your PC from unused and old files
  • Run your antivirus program to remove harmful files
  • Allow your firewall Arma 3 passing

Anyway, your issue has been added to our system, don´t worry.

dr_mikoom added a comment.EditedJan 6 2017, 1:56 PM


-which memory allocator should i chose, non is selected by the launcher parameter. (the option the not marked and empty)

-i have c++ installed 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013/2015 , so should i un-install all of them? and which one to reinsatll? and from where to download it. keep in mind i already used the tool u gave me (ALL IN ONE RUNTIME).

-ccleaner is not compatible with win 10, but nonetheless i will use it.

  • as i mentioned earlier, my game graphic quality is set to standard, if u recommend to decrease certain options, pls do so.
Alwin added a comment.Jan 6 2017, 2:48 PM


You can try all allocs. I meant to reinstall the latest c++ version which you have. Sometimes it could help to rollback c++ to older version, f.e. c++ 2013 and so on.

-CCleaner is compatible to win10. at least it works for me. I used it
-I reinstalled the C++ stuff
-I used 3 different mallocs
-It also happens with deactivated firewall
-I have a 1070(newest driver) so low video memory cant be the problem. I tried set the video memory to 8gb. no difference
-SSDs free space is 32gb.
-we both have avast. i will switch to another virusprogram later

Problem is still present and still annoying.

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Try to delete your profile folder (create a backup) a try to start the game.

The file yourprofilename.vars.Arma3Profile must be deleted.
Path: C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Arma 3

I am not able to test that because i reinstalled my Windows to solve that bug...

Alwin added a comment.Feb 6 2017, 12:26 PM

Did you resolve this bug?

Have I close this ticket?