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Vehicle report .61exp
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Finally found a vehicle to drive, (truck), it enabled us to find other vehicles.
Truck Behavior: Truck is much improved, however it had some problems.

  1. I found it behind a house, when I got in and started it, it did a 180 degree spin, was facing east, ended up facing west.
  2. Truck still has problems with traction when an axle/wheel gets off the ground, found several places where this would happen, (on roads), considering the way this truck works in real life, it shouldn't be doing this.
  3. Infected get on truck, some float above when running to keep up w/truck, see pic.

4X4 also has been nerfed where it cannot climb steep hills and slides/loses traction too easily on grassy hills, (it does have off-road tires).
Car has steering problems on grass/offroad, that is too be expected with street tires.

A major problem for me is the amount of lag/desync when working with vehicles, my fps is normally 25-35 fps, in a vehicle its 7-9 fps.

Have not driven the bus yet


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Windows 10 x64
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Win 10
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