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LOD problems in optics
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As i died from shooting bushes many times, and uninstalled game beacuse of problem that everyone already meet, last time i discover NOONE REPORTED IT YET, and everone think its reported and await for fix.
There is problem with LOD rendering on various sections of scope (while looking through optics). There is no repro mission, as only way to reproduce it, is to stand 500M away of vegetation and look at it from many angles, soon you notice, that it change to proper LOD mostly when the right half or center part of optics is on it.

When center of sight is above, or on the right of that vegetation, but its still sits in the optics range, you notice, the LOD of this vegetation change to worse quality.

In resoult at some missions i was shooted from enemy i wasnt able to see (it was impossible). After 9th try, i discover, he was shooting from under tree (wortham or something) and it wasnt rendered to first LOD, as it was still on the left side of center of sight in my optics. At this 9th try, when i saw him, i had 60% chance to see him, as one of branches was covering him, but if the tree would be rendered properly, maybe 2nd try would be enough to kill him.

Vegetation is not the only objects afected by it. Look on the pictures and you will see what i mean. Its pretty major issue, as its broken rendering.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Stand 300-600 from some vegetation (eg. from tree line, covered with some bushes), use optics with high magnification, look at one bush at diferent angles of optics.

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