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Dying from wolf attack
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twice I have been killed when I have logged out under wolf attack once out in the open once when in a locked building, The one outside I was not at the time physically under attack. Heard the barking not the howl, logged out logged back in on another server to avoid them to find I was re-spawning. The second time I was in a mil barracks under attack. I had locked the door and the wolfes were out side so they could not hit me. Logged out for the night, when I came back in the next day I was re-spawning. I sort of get the outside one, but not the one when in the building.


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Windows 7
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come under wolf attack lock yourself in building log out.

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fing24 created this task.Dec 24 2016, 5:59 AM

If it helps when I was in the mil barracks I logged out in the furthest shower cubical away from the door. Also when I was in the barracks I could see the wolfs glitching through the wall it was just there heads pocking through.