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Drop to 1 fps or less for my friend and I
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Hello !
I was playing with 2 of my friend on 0.61 and we have experienced the same issue several time durin the experimental of 0.61 ( last build that the issue happens is 0.61.136593 )
The issue happens always in the same place of the map, in the road up north of electro (102.00 123.00 in Izurvive map) , we were all three connected to mumble, The fps drop to 1 to by 3 seconds instantly during 2 or 3 minutes sometime I have to reconnect to solve the issue, my friend experienced the same issue with more or less fps and during time, sometime disconnect and reconnect to the server didn't solve the issue, my friend cannot reconnect and have a black screen forever.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Teamup and go to the north road of electro just before topolka dam ( 102.00 123.00 in Izurvive) all connected to a mumble server ( maybe is the thing causing the issue I don't know)

Additional Information

Sadly I don't have a video, I know it happens on every experimental server since We experienced the issue several time during 0.61 exp !

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hmm...i got similar problem near dolina...suddenly massive stutter or lag...also sound get bugged.
1-5 second freezes and those happened about every 15 seconds....just what caught my eye in this report that i was checking IZURVIVE map.
alt-tabbing maybe ten times to check the map and then started the lag.
after the pc restart i was not able to log in that server anymore because after the queying, my game just hangs still on that dayz cityscreen.
on different server i can log in but not that where the problem started.

I got the same issue, sometimes it floats for an alt tab catchup thing when your doing dual screens.
then you get the loading of players in the area.

Hatzee added a subscriber: Hatzee.Dec 14 2016, 10:17 AM

It came to me aswell, i had alt-tab open, checking the DayZTV Map.

Geez added a subscriber: Geez.Dec 14 2016, 11:41 AM

Hello and thank you for the information provided.
We are currently looking into the issue and will let you know once we know more. In case you come across any other info, which could help us in resolving the issue, please post it in here.