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Gunshots is too loud [DayZ 0.61 exp]
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On the experimental 0.61, when the master and effects volume set to ~70-90%, I can barely hear other players/zombies footsteps, split/combine, etc.., but my own gun fire (like shotgun or magnum) can easily make me deaf. And wind sound it's too loud to.
Making game really hard to play at all. =(


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Windows 8 x64
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Angelo27582 renamed this task from Gun shoots is to loud to Gunshots is too loud [DayZ 0.61 exp].Dec 11 2016, 3:50 PM

I think thats the point, your ears adjust to the low levels of volume. That makes it so that when gunshots go off they are extremely loud and life like. Now I'm sure there is some balancing in order, but overall its pretty cool. It makes me jump when someone shoots close to me! :)

noigel added a subscriber: noigel.Jan 29 2022, 7:55 AM

I would like a way to decrease the gunshot volume independently of the other sound effects too. This isn't a realism issue but an accessibility issue for real life players that want to protect their hearing and still enjoy the game.

JerryK added a subscriber: JerryK.Jan 29 2022, 1:03 PM

@noigel this is an old thread, but I recommend looking up "loudness equalization" setting in windows/audio drivers or something like that.

Thanks JerryK! That's a good improvement. Would still like the game to split out the effects but appreciate this tweak.