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Server Crasher
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Had 2 server crashers on my server again. This happens regularly not only on my servers. It happens to many of well populated servers also.

I was told to open a ticket so you guys can have a look.

Server: DayZ4All DE #1 | Euro Pub | All Welcome | DAST AntiCheat
Server IP:

Date and time of crashes:
2016-12-02 at 19:45:59
2016-12-02 at 19:54:31
2016-12-02 at 19:59:00
2016-12-02 at 20:00:16 <- Regular restart
2016-12-02 at 20:02:44
2016-12-02 at 20:04:42

Hope this info help to investigate the issue.

Best Regards
(Owner of DayZ4All)


Operating System
Windows 7
Additional Information

2 players crashed the server for vybor spawns.
We had a member there killed a guy after first crash as we know players crashing servers nowadays for vybor spawns, After next crash the member killed another one spawned there. Checking their steam id´s showing them befriended in steam.

If you want to know their steam id´s and guid´s let me know via pm and i will be happy to send you (the devs).

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Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Dec 5 2016, 9:59 AM

3 server crashes in a row just now. I have a group of suspicious players but wont post their id´s here as public. How to assign a ticket so that just the devs can see it? Devs wanna know the id´s pm me then.

Date and time of crashes:
AdminLog started on 2016-12-06 at 20:46:44
AdminLog started on 2016-12-06 at 20:55:50
AdminLog started on 2016-12-06 at 20:59:21

MrKirby added a subscriber: MrKirby.EditedDec 7 2016, 9:32 AM

For everyone, before creating a bug report, you can choose "Private bug report". This will make sure the devs are the only one to view this page :)

Thanks MrKirby :)

Thanks MrKirby :)

No problem dude, take care! :)