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[0.61 EXP] Permanently unconscious; unable to be revived.
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Friend was shot with an AK and went unconscious. He stayed unconscious even after being bandaged, given morphine, epinephrine, we even did cpr several times. After 30+ minutes, nothing seems to revive him. This isn't the first time of it happening and there isn't really a definite way to reproduce it just seems to occur randomly whenever you go unconscious. If you relog during this bug you will lose all your gear and respawn as a fresh player (which my friend eventually did).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Hello dmcal and thank you for the report.
Was your friend checking the debug window in the top corner of the screen? Were his health / blood values updating correctly? If he can remember what were his health and blood values prior to dying, please let us know.

He doesn't remember if they were updating correctly but he knows he had fairly high health and blood in the upper 4000s each.

Here's a recent reddit post that sounds very similar to what we experienced (minus being able to shoot). In the comments, someone claims it happens when you have stuck status effects.

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Hello dmcal and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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I went uncon. then got up, bandaged, ran for a bit then game crashed, I log back in and fresh spawn, dont know if linked as server might thought I was still in uncon state and crash killed me as the uncon punishment does.

I can confirm too- (v 0.61.136593).

I was with full health (5k blood, 5k health, full gear). I went to unconscious after has received just 1 hit by axe and after 1 hour unconscious nothing happened to me. Probably I killed the guy that hit me because I spent all my pistol clip on his chest before hi hit me but desync seems like is worse again.

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