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Eden Editor fails to properly set multiplayer scenario briefing name when using non-binarized scenarioes
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In the Eden editor it is possible to set a scenario name/title for the given mission as set under Attributes -> Presentation -> Title. Once set, the name will appear during scenario selection (briefing) and during loading of the mission.

When saving as a non-binarized (i.e. text-based) scenario file which includes options from the Multiplayer section in Eden (e.g. Multiplayer -> Type -> Game Type), the scenario name no longer displays correctly during scenario selection, instead defaulting to the scenario file name.

A video displaying this phenomenon can be seen here.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

First, verify correct behavior with:

  1. Open the Eden editor.
  2. In Attributes -> Presentation -> Title, set a custom scenario name.
  3. Save the scenario, unchecking the binarize option.
  4. Host multiplayer server and examine name in scenario selection.

To reproduce:

  1. Return to the Eden editor and load the previously saved scenario.
  2. Tweak any option in the multiplayer section (I tried Multiplayer -> Type -> Game Type -> COOP)
  3. Save, once again making sure the scenario is text-based.
  4. Host multiplayer server and examine name in scenario selection.

Reproduced on ARMA III v1.64.138732


Reproduced on ARMA III v1.66