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Kicked from game minutes after joining server
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When I join a server, (KOTH, ArmA life, Battle Royale) I will be able to play for a few minutes with severe lag and then be kicked. I run a powerful computer and have updated all my drives, verified game cache, reinstalled ArmA 3, tried -malloc=system in command line, and many other things. I am kicked with no message, although friends on the server have told me that it says "Signature Check Timed Out" Or "Signature Error". Now, I know that means files are different from the client to the server, but I have no mods enabled, steam is running, and I have a clean copy of ArmA with no file modifications, yet I am still kicked off the game after a few minutes. I have also tried joining servers through the launcher, Steam, and in-game. Very rarely, I am able to play and not be kicked. But it takes hours to achieve that. Thank you for the time, hope this can get fixed! I miss ArmA multiplayer!


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 8.1 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Attempt to join any ArmA server.

Additional Information

I am connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable.
Internet speed tests show a very strong and fast connection.
My ping never gets above 80
Running everything as Administrator
Problem has never happened before Apex. (Not sure if these two are connected)

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thank you for the feedback.

Does the game really crash or it only kicks you from the server?

Either way, would you mind sending the report files from the session where you were kicked off the server?

Thank you

Ethan_F added a comment.EditedNov 15 2016, 7:21 AM

It kicks me, not crashes the game. I am sorry for the misleading title!

Ethan_F renamed this task from ArmA 3 Crashed minutes after joining server to Kicked from game minutes after joining server.Nov 16 2016, 10:57 AM

What about official servers, did you try perhaps Zeus missions on official servers?

I am still kicked from official servers, but somewhat less frequent. about 1 out of 6 tries official servers work, but the other 5 times I am kicked. Here is a .Rpt from a session where i was kicked from an official server.

Is there no fix for this?.. It is making Arma unplayable. Do you need more info or something? I would really like to get this figured out.

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The same here, since the last update I can not connect to any server, official and unofficial. Try the normal procedure to eliminate possible problems, load the game without mods, check cache, delete profiles, update, etc. Nothing seems to work or have any effect, I attached my report.rgs

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Operating System Windows 7
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same problem here

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