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Zeus Medic Role Issue
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In Zeus missions, medics do not have ability to revive players.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Zeus - Feature Request
Steps To Reproduce

Start Arma 3
Load Official Zeus Server
Play as Medic role
Watch team mates get wrecked and forced to respawn without ability to be revived

Additional Information

Server Difficult Presets
Recruit - Any role can revive / does not take IFAK
Regular - Only Medic role can revive / does not take IFAK
Veteran - Only Medic role can revive / does take IFAK

Event Timeline

dean95c created this task.Nov 13 2016, 4:27 PM

Still have not been able to revive teammates.

This might be because the server your on didn't enable reviving or has different requirements for reviving. When a Zeus server is created, it usually doesn't enable reviving. It has to be changed by an admin.

  • Enter a Zeus server
  • Get admin privileges
  • Use #missions to select a new mission
  • Select whatever mission you want
  • When you arrive at the role select screen, click the parameters button
  • Look for the revive settings

You'll see different settings all around. Revive trait and duration, item requirements and all that. You probably got in a server with revive disabled or not enabled in the first place.

Wulf closed this task as Resolved.Jan 14 2019, 9:47 AM
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