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Some Arsenal saved profiles can be loaded even tough they do not match BIS_ADDVIRTUALWEAPONCARGO_CARGO variable (hacking issue)
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I have many Arsenal saved profiles and some of them can be loaded even if they contain gear that is not listed in BIS_ADDVIRTUALWEAPONCARGO_CARGO variable while playing a mission.

The following commands are used to open Arsenal in the test mission:
BIS_ADDVIRTUALWEAPONCARGO_CARGO = [_items_allowed, _weapons_allowed, _magazines_allowed, _backpacks_allowed];
["Open", [false, objNull, _soldier]] spawn BIS_FNC_ARSENAL;

Note: launching Arsenal with following method yields same result
tmp = [_items_allowed, _weapons_allowed, _magazines_allowed, _backpacks_allowed];
["Open", [false, tmp, _soldier]] spawn BIS_FNC_ARSENAL;


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce

Repro steps :

  • Replace C:\Users\<windows_login>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\<arma_player_name>\<arma_player_name>.vars.Arma3Profile with eRazer.vars.Arma3Profile (see attachments)
  • Add test.Stratis mission (see attachments) to C:\Users\<windows_login>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\<arma_player_name>\mpmissions
  • Start test.Stratis mission and open Arsenal by executing commands from open_arsenal.txt (see attachments) in debug console
  • Check profile "mace_tanoa_east_mg" and notice that it is grayed out and when you click on it the Load button is active (which is an abnormal situation, the Load button should also be grayed out)
  • Click on "mace_tanoa_east_mg" profile and then push the Load button (the profile is loaded although it doesn't match BIS_ADDVIRTUALWEAPONCARGO_CARGO)

Another strange thing:

  • Save "mace_tanoa_east_mg" profile it under a different name (eg: "my_test_profile")
  • Before closing Arsenal load "mace_altis_west_rifleman" profile (which is different from "mace_tanoa_east_mg" profile)
  • Open Arsenal by executing commands from open_arsenal.txt (see attachments) in debug console
  • Notice that it is possible to load "mace_tanoa_east_mg" profile, but it is not possible to load "my_test_profile" profile even though it is identical to the problematic "mace_tanoa_east_mg" profile (it should be identical since "my_test_profile" was saved after loading "mace_tanoa_east_mg" without any changes)
  • Looks like newly saved profiles are working correctly, could this bug affect profiles saved before patch 1.64 only?
Additional Information

Request: players should no longer load profiles that don't match BIS_ADDVIRTUALWEAPONCARGO_CARGO variable?

Note: I can't ask players to delete their old profiles to fix this issue

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