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[ .61 exp Nov. 8th ] Item not going in inventory bug
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I tried to pick up a pink Derringer pistol in a house. It would not go into my bookbag at all. I then dragged it into my empty hands and it would not go in them. Keep in mind I was able to pick up other items in the house except for the Derringer pistol. I then ran out of the house and into a bush to relog. After I logged back into a server the derringer was in my hands. Very odd and needs to be addressed before stable release. Hope I helped :-)


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Windows 10 x64
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This is possibly a separate bug but happened during the same time :

After exiting the house I got the pistol from, I kind of slide off of the side of the steps and my character hitched and glitched positions for a moment. After it settled I tried to run but when running forwards and diagonal, my character had a awful jitter/glitch to his movement. This did not stop until I relogged.

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Hello garr3tt and thank you for the report.
We are currently working on improving the server performance, which is possibly the cause of these issues.