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Cooking Chicken
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Cooked chicken no longer indicates it is "cooked", other then the texture change as it's temperature changes. This appears to be happening in 60 Sta and 61 Exp.

Former versions changed the item to indicate it was a Cooked chicken breast". Not sure if this is intended.

Also, when eating the cooked texture changed chicken, not the ruined one, the chicken breast does not change your status.

I would argue that making a fire and keeping it going, catching and cleaning chickens or animals and eating cooked chicken breasts or steaks should be far more rewarding nutritionally then eating something like a can of peaches. It should energize you longer and improve blood reproduction (especially red meat). Three chickens or one deer should probably last a character through two to three in game days worth of nutrition, depending on environmental aspects or combat aspects.

I'd really like to know more about what the vision is for this aspect of the game. Thanks all for your great work.


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Kill chicken, skin and quarter, cut branches, split into thirds, craft fireplace, place fireplace, ignite with match, add logs or bundled sticks, attach raw breast to tree branch (attaching to sharpened stick does not work in. 61, not sure if intended), place branch over fire, remove chicken when texture changes, consume chicken. No status change. Immediately tested afterwards and drinking from well changed status immediately. Have not yet tested eating chicken with the ruined texture in 61 but worked fine in 60.

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Sorry, by "worked fine", I meant ruined chicken made you sick. Undercooked chicken should make you sick, while overcooked chicken should just make you stuffed and provide no nutritional value. Just my thoughts.

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Hello PhillyDogTV and thank you for the report.
The fact that the texture is the only indication of the state of the meat currently is intentional design change. As for the status increase from the chicken, can you check if the issue does occur all the time? As we have tested the chicken internally and all values are adding correctly, however we are currently aware of an issue with statuses not updating properly due to server performance.

Hi Geez,

Thanks for the clarification regarding texture change, I suspected that was the case.

I would like to also know if, in the future, chicken and steaks will ruin if left uncooked too long?

With regards to the status tiles, I am fully aware that sometimes they do not appear, so I have always ensured I am receiving the status tiles properly prior to testing the consumption of chicken.

When I eat chicken breasts, I don't seem to get any more full or lose my "hungry" status tile. This has been the case every time I have eaten chicken breasts since .60 so I will have to attempt a more thorough test in Exp this week and go full "free range" with my next character. Will report back soon. Thanks.

Hi Geez. I tested this on Exp last night.
Character status was hydrated and dark brown hungry. I received the message I am Starving. Ate a cooked chicken breasts and went dark green hungry. I then cooked 5 more chicken breasts and ate them, and all that happened was my hungry tile went away. I did not get energized at all

6 cooked chicken breasts just to get rid of hunger doesn't seem logical. While looking for three chickens to test this, I passed up two cans of spaghetti, a bag of rice and a box of cereal. I don't think this is very balanced. I really feel that chicken and steak should be far more rewarding then it currently is. But technically, it does appear to be working.