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.61 exp many chest holsters in one building
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In the office building in Tulga I found (at least) six chest holsters right after the exp servers came up today.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

Server was DE-1

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Hello sgtpepper and thank you for the report.
Due to the way the spawning system currently works, there is always a probability for one item being spawned multiple times in one building, however, if you are encountering high amounts of the same item across multiple servers in the same objects let us know under this ticket.

I noticed that the high deer stands that are only found in the far north only either have range finders or nothing. I checked many stands on different servers and that was always the case.
Finding a chest holster is also really easy: just got to a hospital or tec building. Every time I checked I found multiple chest holsters there.

I observed that behaviour with different versions of .61exp on different servers.

Hello! I noticed that some military buildings / tents will only spawn certain things.

There are buildings FILLED with Aviator Glasses or sometimes even 7,62x39 Rounds, and they only spawn one or a few specific items.
This has to be a bug in loot economy.

sgtpepper is absolutely right about this issue, some buildings seem to get "stuck" with one specific loot item and only spawn them.

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket as obsolete?

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