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0.61 - Dual Monitor setup, game starting on monitor 1 even though monitor 2 is my main display.
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I have two monitors, with monitor two being my primary, but when DayZ starts, it is on monitor one, even though that is not my primary.

This was not an issue in 0.60.


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Windows 10 x64
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Hello AustinBrock and thank you for the report.
If you switch back to the stable branch, does the issue persist or does the behaviour go back to normal?

Stable branch does not have the issue, it plays on monitor two as expected.

0.61 is literally the only game I own to behave in this way.

Geez added a comment.Nov 1 2016, 11:08 AM

Hello AustinBrock.
Can you send us a screenshot of your video settings? And can you try to change your in game resolution to different values and let us know if the issue occurs on other resolutions as well?

Does not matter what resolution, it still happens.

Geez added a comment.Nov 15 2016, 9:58 AM

Hello AustinBrock.
We have reprodued the issue internally and it has been scheduled for a fix. Meanwhile we suggest you to play the game in windowed borderless mode (L CTRL + L ALT + ENTER on menu screen / in characters inventory / in the in game menu brought up through ESC key).

Having the same issues and only in exp but if I run in windowed mode I cant adjust gamma and without adjusting its too dark too play and not just whining about the dark I get lost in a house without the moon light so that is unplayable to me.

Exactly the same issue for me, BrassMonkey. If I fullscreen, gamma works, but in windowed mode it does not.

I've been having this same issue with my dual monitors since .61 experimental started. The same deal, .60 stable doesn't do this and no other games have this issue. I even switched the cables on my screens to my GPU to change which one is Monitor 1 and Monitor 2. .61 Exp always gets put on my left hand screen, I play all of my games on my right hand screen. Windowed borderless is so dark you can't find loot or anything in buildings unless it's daytime. Windowed mode and borderless need a gamma fix or something. Other than this .61 is running smooth for me and is just teasing me! I want to put more time into it to test things out but this monitor issue is keeping me away.

One thing you can do for the time being is turn to windowed mode on the monitor you want, and then go back to fullscreen. It should fullscreen on that monitor then.

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Acknowledged.Dec 8 2016, 9:43 AM

Hello again.
The issue has been confirmed and it is scheduled for a fix.

Geez added a comment.Dec 22 2016, 9:19 AM

Hello everyone.
There have been some changes which could have fixed the issue on the latest experimental patch. Can you please check and let us know if the issue still occurs on the latest experimental?

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L CTRL + L ALT + ENTER on menu screen / in characters inventory / in the in game menu brought up through ESC key

Doesn't work nowhere in the game.
Only l-ALT+ENTER works.

I have this issue on 0.61 stable. The borderless window mode is an alternative to fullscreen but since vsync is not working, I get screen tearing. Borderless window mode also has the problem of gradually becoming more and more sluggish until it's unplayable, at least on my computer.

After switching to experimental 0.61.136887, the game seems to be allowing fullscreen without blanking my other monitors, or moving away from the primary monitor after using Alt-Tab. I have closed and reopened the game several times, and also switched between standard window mode and fullscreen, as well as Alt-Tab with no issues as of yet.

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