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Unit jump out of FFV vehicle after throwing grenade
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Unit jump out of FFV vehicle after throwing grenade.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Get in any FFV position vehicle, order it to move, now throw grenades.

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razazel claimed this task.Oct 18 2016, 4:00 PM
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Could you please provide some more specific Steps to reproduce?

What branch are you on?
Do you need to be part of the group that has the vehicle?
Does it happen in all vehicles or only some of them?

Tsnfsdnfkjsdn added a comment.EditedOct 18 2016, 6:49 PM

It happen on UH-60 from RHS (didnt tested it more yet), when i wasn commander of group. I cant make ANY raport on RHS, adn RHS allwaye reply its "BIS fault" in those cases. I use Profiling branch. My character act suicide after second or max third grenade throw.

I have tried this with multiple FFV positions in multiple vehicles, would be nice to have a repro for vanilla vehicle if it is possible. Otherwise it might be rather some error in the mod.

I dont know how, but issue "seems" to be limited to only one mission YET :

There may be an global issue with WS missions, same as with backpack that shows themselves as empty, when we look at friendly inventory, but in editor, same characters's backpacks are filled with items.