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My Characters on 1st Person Public Hive and 1st/3rd Person Public Hive are the same.
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Somehow or someway I messed up the hives my characters where now they are the same. I move and get gear on a 3rd person public, then leave that server, join a 1st person public server, and its the same character just the camera is locked. If I join back to a 3rd person server I will be were my 1st person server left off. I have no Idea How to fix it cause I have killed myself several times and gotten killed by other people and still the characters hives are stuck/merged or something. Please reset both my characters.

UPDATE : I managed to narrow the issue down to a specific server. The server seems to connect to the 3rd person hive but lock the camera. This then makes any other previous 1st person character be over written with this one.

Server Name : GH Survival | High Loot
Server IP :

SteamID64 : 76561198073685658

SteamID3 : [U:1:113419930]

SteamID : STEAM_0:0:56709965

Steam Username : Garr3tt_

also known as : epicfxdude



Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

I have no clue how I managed to do this. But have narrowed the issue down to my server.

Additional Information

I think the server mentioned above just needs a bugfux or something reconfigured as it is confused

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Hello garr3tt,

I just tried logging on to the server, and my public hive 3rd person character loaded as intended with his gear intact. Also, I didn't have the problem of the camera being locked in 1st person view. Do you have time to check again and see if the server loads your 1st person character? I would recommend that you pick up some gear either on your 1st person character or the 3rd person character and then relog since both of them have the exact same gear at the moment according to the character database.


I switched the server to 3rd person earlier until the issue was resolved. I just now set it back to 1st person public hive. If u join you will have your 3rd person character but with the camera locked.

garr3tt added a comment.EditedOct 10 2016, 4:45 PM

and if you have to, just reset my character hives. I do not wish to deal will reloging and such

My server provider fixed the issue. You can mark this as resolved now

JStewart closed this task as Resolved.Oct 14 2016, 2:58 PM

That's good to hear. I'll close the ticket as requested.