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Arma 3 - Zeus Missing Multiple Items after Update
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I was playing zeus one day when I noticed so much stuff was missing from the zeus panel, Opfor, blufor faction panels were missing too, There is a fix where you can remote control an AI and it will come back but thats only for the missing faction panels, Multiple object lists are missing too, Including half of the wrecked items, Only boats and planes are available.

I can't spawn in junk or garbage to create an ied for an example.

I have pictures:

My friend has also had this glitch.

Look in the panel of the picture where objects are, Stuff in things are missing, only explosives and mines are there, And then look at wrecks, only boats and planes, There is also the storage objects missing where the ammo box panel is.

UPDATE: 1:05 PM CENTRAL TIME 9/27/2016:
My friend timai has also reported having the problem!!


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Windows 10
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Zeus - General
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Glitch happens everygame either no mods or with mods its always missing stuff, It happened to my friend too!

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I'm having same problem.

Tested on 3 computers. Problem started after the last update (1.64)

Missing (empty) things for example sandbags , fortifications, ...
Also, when add some mods to the game, units (playable) from those mods are also missing. I could see them in the Zeus menu before the update.

Windows 10 x64 / Build:14393 on all 3 computers.
Arma 3 version 1.64.138497

Yea, those are also missing. and so are the modded factions..

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This issue is not general for Zeus. In fact I only observed it in the official Zeus Game Master missions since update 1.62. For whatever reason compositions and most empty objects are no longer available for curators there, which is a severe issue!

Same Problem here. Missing empty Objects in Zeus (doesn't matter if you try als Playerzeus or Curator.) It seams that the Objects itself are not missing, only in the list as zeus. They can be inserted if you use a Mod like ARES and insert them via sqf code

Having the exact same issue, not able to see some buildings, walls, sandbags, hbarriers and other objects.

Same issue on all of the official zeus servers, even post update 1.66. Not having this issue on other Zeus missions. On the "Master..." Zeus missions, all of the generic objects found under units of every variety (weapons, equipment, signs, structures, walls, weapon attachments, furniture, all "things" except explosives and mines, etc) are missing. The prelisted compositions (camping sites and the premade bases/fobs) are also missing.

I played around with hosting a few different servers using the prebuilt zeus missions. It appears to impact "Master (Tanoa/Altis/Stratis)" missions. Hosting a server and setting up a Zeus via the editor does not result in the bug, and the Zeus function in other set missions appears to be functioning correctly with access to the sorts of objects one would expect for each given mission.

There are a few other tasks reporting the same issue:

Here is I suppose primary ticket, as that one is already assigned.

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