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COOP Campaing - solo play with friendly AI's
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So I have waited for 1.64 to try the new campaign and it's indeed improved, great job! But I'm still missing one minor thing. When I play solo, without other players - it seems stupid that I'm alone without any friendly AI's in my team, it's a huge drop in authenticity for me. Right now I'm team of one man and that's just stupid - story wise. Can you at least make an option to turn on the remaining 3 AI's in my team? It's really better to have option to command a team of AI then be alone wolf in something which is supposed to be a team work.

The best approach would be how it was in Arma 3 Red Harvest campaign. You could play with friends, but also alone with your AI team mates and it felt authentic, not to mention that there were actual characters in your team with dialogs etc.


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OMAC added a subscriber: OMAC.Sep 25 2016, 9:57 PM

I very strongly agree with this. Please add option to play with AI team, at least when playing solo.

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