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game crashing after latest update
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game crash..error message pops up "The instruction at 0x00000000005E451A referenced memory 0x00000000000004. The memory could not be read."

after closing that, it says something about an access violation.

system specs are I5 4460, R9 290, AsRock H97 pro, 2x4GB Gskill DDR3 1600, HyperX Fury 120GB SSD(OS), Seagate 1TB HD (Steam/games) EVGA 600B 80+Bronze

I'd also like to add that I am a complete noob/novice and have any real computer knowledge..all I know is that I enjoyed playing with no problems until the recent this game isn't playable in any mode, in any type...even single player campaign mode crashes..Please help


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

pretty much guaranteed regardless of game type....single player/multi-player servers, doesn't matter

gonna try to attach two log reports.

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No it crashes regardless but seems like each time I try to enter a vehicle, it crashes almost instantly..there have been moments when it's crashed before I'm able to do anything. I just thought it was as strange that I could walk around for what seemed like a slightly longer period of time.

Thanks for the additional info, it will come in handy when pinpointing the exact cause of the crashes :)

No change since the recent updates from Windows and also the latest game update. Thanks again for the assistance.

Just curious if there's anything I can do that may be of any help..

I am also having issues with this... at first kept on crashing so I verified the integrity of the cache ETC... removed my ram thinking its a bad memory or what ever and finally reinstalled arms and same thing.. the game seemed to work fine before the update if there was one I don't remember I believe I was running 1.62 or something like that correct me if I'm wrong... {F40915}




Apparently we have similar problems..if they're able to help me, perhaps you could apply whatever fix that results from their efforts.

Jawsh added a comment.Oct 1 2016, 6:03 AM

@mnmike612, it looks like you have tried to upload some files but they did not properly upload or were deleted.

Checking in...since I'm not really sure how long this type situation generally goes.

Well, fixes for crashes generally end up being resolved by verifying the cache and updating drivers, etc. or with an update. We do our best to fix it so fix is available as soon as possible on Dev and in the closest main branch update. This however wildly depends on how complex the issue that is causing the crash is.

Thank you for the info, I was only curious about the process itself. All this is very new to me, so I hoped to gain a little insight.

So, is it likely to be a problem somewhere on my end or with my particular system given the fact that crashes aren't widespread?

Are there any other steps I could take on my end to isolate the cause?

I hope I'm not being a nuisance, I only hope to learn as much as possible through this situation while also hopefully resolving the problem. Thanks again for your patience and assistance.

That is unfortunately beyond my knowledge, as far as I know there are tons of reasons, especially for this error as that one is most common and very general.

If you have already performed suggested steps in the link I provided, nothing comes in mind that I could recommend further.

Am I basically waiting for subsequent game updates in hopes of resolution?

To my understanding, I basically have no other recourse, other than to wait....?

When it comes to Main/Stable branch, afraid so, however, there is also a development branch. While it does contain WIP features, it also contains fixes before they make it into the Main/Stable branch, you might try that one. Also you might try profiling branch, profiling should work just fine with most servers (definitely does for official ones).

Is there an update scheduled for release? Just trying to stay up to date here.

razazel changed the task status from Reviewed to Feedback.Oct 12 2016, 9:04 AM

Sorry for getting back to you only now, there indeed was, a Hotfix was released for current Stable, should be already available.

Please let me know if there was or wasn't any change.

I assumed any updates would automatically be downloaded, so I've watched closely and haven't seen any. How would I go about getting this update?

If somehow it has auto updated, there has been no change, I made a few attempts last night.

I have no idea what current stable is btw

Current stable is 1.64.138732
You can check the version through Launcher > Options > down in the roll-down menu is "Game" you can check the version there. If you do not have that one already, try verifying the game data. Not exctly Arma 3 problem but this can make Steam check the versions and download the update.

I was on last night and verified game cache at that, without actually knowing for sure, I am comfortable assuming I have the updated version. If this is the case, will I need to provide additional crash file/reports?

That would be welcome. And as said you can check the version of the game through launcher. Latest update has revision as stated above 1.64.138732

Thank you so much!
I was hopeful yesterday because I actually played epoch mod for maybe 30 minutes.. I left that server, removed all mods and joined a KOTH server and it crashed again within minutes.

I'll add a note once I've verified which version I'm running. Also will link more files.

Yes, I have verified version 1.64.138732

I'll link the crash report this evening.

Just out of curiosity, is there a way I could potentially revert back to an older version so that I could actually play?

It is possible, Steam should provide option LEGACY in Betas menu
Access code should be Arma3Legacy162 for previous stable.

Ok great! I'll certainly try that.
Would using an older version in any way inhibit normal gameplay?

Also, if I do go this route, I'm assuming I'd have to turn of the automatic update in steam?

Hate to ask but I glanced at the's rather confusing. Is there somewhere I could have specific instructions on going back to a prior version?

No need, since you are switched to the branch that is not being updated.

You will be able to play normally although playing in MP will most likely be problematic as most of the servers will be running on 1.64, SP should be fine though

Crap!!...I don't know what to do! Multiplayer is what my sons and I play most often. This is getting frustrating.

I suppose I'll load additional crash reports and hope for resolution in a future update..

Again, thanks for all your advice and support.

Thank you for those, will look into those as well.

played maybe and hour, no crash...upon exiting the server, it crashed. here you are:!ArqJaPVNmXRHkkCb0vMI56FG7Hlu

It's been just short of one month.

Has anything changed and is there still nothing else I can do?

Jawsh added a comment.EditedOct 23 2016, 5:19 AM

@JUMPSLICK, looking at those last two reports, have you tried:

  1. Playing on a different server?
  2. Playing without the Epoch and Advanced Towing mods?
  3. Playing on the development branch (Development Branch Changelog)?

If not then you could try those and report back if it resolves the issue or not.

I am having this same issue. I have had it since Apex update never had the issue before until then. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything from arma3 to battleye to mods verified game cache to no avail. It doesn't matter what I play single player to multiplayer the game crashes sometimes within 30secs or I can play about 30 mins. Ive tried different servers vanilla arma modded arma nothing works game just crashes and say ACESS DENIED or memory issue. I lost over 2yrs of KOTH gameplay deleting my player profile (made me sad lol).

I have 4 crash files saved all the way back to when it started and will try my best to get them posted to be looked into

Jsama03 added a comment.EditedOct 23 2016, 2:57 PM

idk if that worked let me know I like the op am computer illiterate but ill do my best thanks for all your help in getting a somewhat solution to the problem and please bare with me cause I suck at pc but this is my most resent crash dump file from today.
Again it doesn't matter what I play Koth battleroyal singleplayer ive done a lot of youtube videos and research from client side profiles to server side everything but nothing works. I even deleted my profile and that didn't work. Ive done launch parameters from no sound to no land to everything it said to do and it still crashes because one video said I could be getting to many sounds at once that my computer couldn't handle so I turned the sounds that were supposed to be going on from like 96 to 16 still nothing.

It could be a fact of not truly knowing what I'm doing but all my other games work fine in steam ( Iracing Counter Strike ect) its just arma since apex update just wont run without crashing. Sorry for the long story Just trying to give some insight to things ive done to possibly help my problem.

I play epoch because that's the only game modes that doesn't crash quickly..however, I'll do as you prescribed.

@Jsama03 Thanks for the dumps, will look into that, also next time, please create your own ticket for a crash. When it comes to a in-game bug, it is good to have more people pariticipating in on ticket, but for crashes it is good to have these separate as each crash can be unique.

@JUMPSLICK As for now, I would recommend the Development branch and trying to see if things get better without the mods. Also you might want to keep an eye for profiling branch updates, servers should allow you to join with the profiling branch just fine.

How do I access the profiling branch and what is it?

@Jsama03 Thanks for the dumps, will look into that, also next time, please create your own ticket for a crash. When it comes to a in-game bug, it is good to have more people pariticipating in on ticket, but for crashes it is good to have these separate as each crash can be unique.

@JUMPSLICK As for now, I would recommend the Development branch and trying to see if things get better without the mods. Also you might want to keep an eye for profiling branch updates, servers should allow you to join with the profiling branch just fine.

Ok very sorry for that I will do that for future crashes. Is there anything I can do to get my arma running as its the only game I really like to play outside of iracing? Or do I just wait for fix cause I'm not smart enough to fix it myself in all honesty. Thanks in advance for a reply!ArqJaPVNmXRHkkJYpbDyazN-0Zye

crash file from recent crash...lasted all of about 1-2 minutes in a KOTH server, no mods loaded at all...

as previously mentioned, I only chose to play epoch mod because it's about the only way I can play without almost an instant game crash.

thanks for the link, I will attempt profiling branch..? I hope!ArqJaPVNmXRHkkNz88EEVoGcGrop

crash report when game crashed immediately upon beginning solo mission Dev branch

JUMPSLICK added a comment.EditedOct 28 2016, 4:08 AM

Since I'm experiencing crashes in solo/campaign mode, I think I'll install the older version via legacy branch and play another solo game just to see what happens...will update accordingly

crashing on profiling branch also...

any other ideas?

Jawsh added a comment.Oct 29 2016, 4:29 PM

@JUMPSLICK, could you please upload the troubleshooting report for the profiling branch.!ArqJaPVNmXRHkkQXMyYV6cEcFskT

i think this is the one...can't really remember the game type though

How did the legacy branch run?
Same issues?

I haven't had a chance to get into a game yet..looking forward to that this evening.

I went to change over to the legacy branch, but I don't even see the legacy branch as an option anymore?!

You will need to unlock it with the actual legacy branch beta password
In this case it would be

crash files from legacy branch, wasteland server, no other players in the server...

could this possibly be a RAM problem on my end? no other games crash, but as I understand, arma is possibly the most demanding game to run on one's system?? strange that every branch I attempt to play on, crashes. I am beginning to believe there is another factor? when this all began, both windows and arma both updated that evening..maybe a windows thing?

True, the game truly is demanding as a result of an older engine and amount of simulations and scripts (heavily scripted scenarios are most likely to crash or have performance issues) that are running.
There are always improvements in progress however these are often limited by the engine.

I suppose I've given up...unfortunate since I really enjoyed playing

new RC is out, might be worth checking it out. Might be worth checking it out.

this shit still matter what

almost 4 months...arma is the only game that gives me any problems

Jawsh added a comment.Jan 17 2017, 4:54 AM

@JUMPSLICK, do the latest profiling branch updates still not help? Please provide more crash dumps for the developers.!ArqJaPVNmXRHkkarK0qxKMcHAiLI

wasteland mods
I've noticed a few things over the last few months, so maybe this could help resolve the issue:

  1. the more people in the server, the quicker the game crashes
  2. vehicles in general tend to lead to a crash, so for example, this dump file I am attaching now, everything was fine. I was running along a hillside, taking fire. On top of hill, I heard a helicopter engine start up. soon after, the crash. Seems to happen like that regularly. Helicopters in KOTH, I'm likely to experience a crash.

I intend to only play the current dev branch, profiling, legacy, or whatever...

Do I need to continue providing crash dumps or just give up until the 64 bit version is complete?

If you really don't feel like switching branches, even to a profiling (contains various performance and crash fixes but is still usable to play MP on stable/current main branch), than waiting for the new update it is I guess.

As for the x64, it is currently available in RC branch which is a soon-to-be new main/stable branch, but if you really don't fancy switching the branches that is also a no go for you.

could you help me understand some of the parameters on the launcher? for example, the cpu block has a "1", should this be a 4 since I'm using an I5? also curious about the memory limitations. What should I be set at for a 8GB system and a 4GB GPU?


here are some additional crash I wasting my time and yours?

razazel added a comment.EditedMar 6 2017, 9:14 AM

To learn more about the parameters, please check out this page
Arma 3 Startup Params

Default values are not detected in any way so most of them might not make sense, so setting them up correctly might help. This is unfortunately very specific for each machine, so reading the startup parameters page mentioned above and setting the parameters accordingly might help. I checked your rpt and would recommend removing the maxmem param to give it a shot.
You might also want to try to use a System memory allocator (-malloc=system)

still crashes, I'll attach a dump file soon...but why can't I change my resolution? my monitor is 1920x1080 and its not even listed under options..?!ArqJaPVNmXRHkk4eFkO9aqJ5OYQU

both single player crashes, second on was no mods at all

i did get the resolution situation figured out though!ArqJaPVNmXRHkk9oVdXgLNka0Spd

crash attempting to begin single player showcase "marksman"! couldn't even begin mission, before crashing!ArqJaPVNmXRHklDQKBLgfB8USrL7

this one is GREAT!!! I was just entering the game after clicking "PLAY" in the launcher and CRASH

updating windows and GPU drivers!ArqJaPVNmXRHklE-ml8DdIBMUEiP

after updates installed, I felt really good about it...lasted longer than I have in a KOTH server for quite some time...then it happened


any idea why all the files you have uploaded are marked as malicious? I am not able to download or open any single of them because of AV.

Were you trying the 64-bit version? (it can be switched to in the Launcher in Parameters section, cannot check it myself now as I am not able to open the reports)

Anyways, I would again recommend verification of the game data cache via Steam (to make sure all the files installed correctly)
I also recommend reinstalling VC++ Redist and DirectX with the installers available in the Arma 3 folder (subfolder _CommonRedist)

I have absolutely no idea why any files would be malicious! I have adequate virus protection and primarily only use this particular PC for gaming...

yes, I was using the 64 bit version...and I have no idea what VC, Redist or Direct X is..sorry for my ignorance! LOL!ArqJaPVNmXRHklJF0MmgF4BkZQA9

lets try these...scanned the files before uploading them to onedrive and also before linking!ArqJaPVNmXRHklhDS2eM09V6IBX8

I would really love some help resolving this's been far too long!ArqJaPVNmXRHkllUMuiRWXjCD4ca

crash upon restarting mission after dying during marksman mission under showcase single player

this is really, really pissing me off for the record

could you tell me where I should set my memory limits and also what allocator? I don't understand all that stuff...even after reading about it..I have 8GB of RAM and a 4GB GPU. Thanks

No idea at all, I was able to download the files and open them, AV check seems to be alright after the download, so kind of mystery why they were flagged.

So far parameters are set correctly, nothing that should be causing an out of memory crash, default (recommended) allocator is used.

I have provided the dumps to the devs, they look much more interesting than the old ones, so that should help.

Reinstalling the DirectX should be easy, simply run the DXSETUP.exe in the <Arma 3>\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010
Reinstalling Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable is a bit more tricky, you need to uninstall the package first (Settings > Add or Remove Programs), restart PC, install it again (both x86 and x64), you can use the installers provided <Arma 3>\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2013

KOTH crash...

btw, is there somewhere I could get some instructions for reinstalling Dx and the other stuff?

ok, nevermind...figured all that out. I'll try KOTH again and see if I experience a crash!ArqJaPVNmXRHkluZte03jZ-IvIy1

didn't take long...crashed immediately upon entering server.

KOTH crash...

btw, is there somewhere I could get some instructions for reinstalling Dx and the other stuff?

All you should need to do is run the DX installer

I found it...actually was pretty easy....unfortunately, still crashing!ArqJaPVNmXRHklzt2k_6H_WmUIod

I was just trying to practice in the battle royale firing range...could barely start doing anything before a crash.

are these recent crashes memory related? I really wish I knew what could stop these crashes from happening so often!

hypothetically, if I never activated my windows product key, could this be a potential cause of all this?

completed the reinstallation of Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable and DirectX in the manner you prescribed.
still no resolution!ArqJaPVNmXRHkl3cnbcdScMLlPgx

can't even load a single player scenario with no mods loaded!!!
OK, look...if you have no idea and can't help, just say it. I'll stop trying, uninstall the game and move on to something else.!ArqJaPVNmXRHkl5EAjRmndEeCrq5

single player, marksman showcase, before it could even finish loading....this game is officially un-playable!ArqJaPVNmXRHkl-xPlh0qk4aTQUn

exact scenario as the previous comment and link...again and again and again.
is anyone going to respond?


sorry for not responding, I had a message prepared yesterday unfortunately it seems I forgot to send it, once again sorry.

The crashdumps are most definitely useful, what is odd and frustrating (for me as well) is that fixes that were applied to some of the crashes you experienced, but it seems that only allowed another crashes to appear. We are doing our best to eliminate those with every update so it really is frustrating for us as well (nobody likes crashes)