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DayZ Unrealistic Zombie levels, the game is not enjoyable, here's what's I feel is wrong
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I liked DayZ when it first came out, altho spending 2 hours finding some gear and then next minute you are killed or running for your life because of the Zombies in the game and their behavior. There are too many. They should not not run at all. Give players a chance to join a clan or a group so you are less likely to be hunted by other players. Zombies should never run no matter what time of the day it is, the level of zombies needs to change majorly, there should be servers out there which do not require mods. I love all the works which expand form Arma such as Taken on Mars, Take on Helicopters, Yes DayZ but that's not very plesant because of these issues.


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Hello Salt_lamp and thank you for the feedback.
The amount of "zombies" (technically they are not zombies, but infected) currently reflects our intentional design and gameplay choices. The fact that their movement is fast is due to them being infected, rather than being the usual zombies. However, keep in mind that the game is still in alpha state and that many things are going to be tweaked, reworked or replaced completely until the final release.

Hello Geez,

I have explored other MP's with this kind of genre such as Miscreated and 7 Days to die. What I have noticed in 7days to die is the developers are overly simplifying the crafting system which takes away the satisfaction factor. Miscreated has given me faith back into such games because it gives the player a chance to survive and explore the game. The behaviour of the infected is much better. I do miss DayZ because it is connected with the Masterpice Arma and it has the setting. I noticed there is a free version and paid version of DayZ, what are some breif difrences? I am assuming the paid version is constantly improved compared to free, which is not "official" as much turning it into more of a custom built.

Yes I can understand but there are unusual zombies in both Miscreated and 7 days to die. It's a great Idea DayZ but certain elements are still questionable at the momment but following it's progress