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Warning Message: 'author/' is not a value
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Found cause of this bug:

Warning Message: 'author/' is not a value

It turns out if you define author= after onLoadName= in description.ext, then Arma will generate the error message as a popup window and log entry, when starting the mission in the 3D editor (and other MP times I think).

If you define it before, then it works fine.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce error:

  • Load mission in Eden Editor.
  • Edit description.ext
  • Change the lines so that author is after onLoadName:
onLoadName="Operation Bug Fix";
author="Sgt Squash";
  • Start the mission in Eden.
  • After starting, note the popup error message about author.

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Hmm, although changing it (as above) made a difference, it does not seem to be a consistent fix, as I first thought. There seems to be more to it than this.

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This was fixed a while ago.