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Misleading keybinds
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"Raise weapon" keybind is actually a raise/lower weapon. I wanted to use it on right click, so I raise weapon when pressing right click to aim (skipping 2xCTRL completely) and it works nice, it raises the weapon, and aims down sights. Then I realized that when your weapon is not already lowered if you press right click, it also lowers your weapon, so it's unusable.

It would be nice to have a proper only raise weapon keybind (though no big deal without it).

Same goes for "Combat pace" keybind, it's not only combat pace, it switches between the two paces, depending on which one you're in currently. Also would be nice to have separate keybind.

The last one is not misleading, you have "walk or run temporary" and "walk or run toggle" keybinds, but it would really be great to have "walk" - only keybind (I'd really appreciate this one).

Those ''walk or run'' are not bad, but when you try to do a bit more elaborate keybind combinations they fall apart because they do two things, and you need only one (like I explained in raise weapon example).


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