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Weird status effects lead to death.
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Was healthy when I logged off yesterday (ate some canned stuff and finished a coke and some water I had (well) to get green for todays long journey), logged in today, and after 5 min of walk got the "i feel nausea" message, vomited, then started losing color, got hyperthermia 5 min after. Status "energized" was bright green for the whole time. Was able to run like that for 2 hours drinking lots of water and consuming vitamins, till the sick status disappeared and color came back.

After another hour, started getting constant "i feel hyperthermic" messages (like every 4 seconds), and started losing water as crazy (I had a cooking pot and a canteen, so I managed to drink enough and filled both a couple of times in wells).

Then drank a cola and again got a brown "sick" status. This time the dehydration went out of control, had to drink a full canteen every 20 sec or so. The hyperthermia stuff continued spamming as crazy.

Energyzed status reminded bright green for the whole 4 hours session lol. I wasn't able to drink more water because of this, so I started getting both "thirsty" and "stuffed" statuses.
I went to a pond, took off all my stuff and went in.

By this time I had almost all possible statuses lol (hyperthermia-dark brown, sick dark brown, stuffed dark brown, thirsty dark brown/red, soaked through, energyzed (bright green lol)).
I swimmed for like 10min, nothing changed. I then consumed some antibiotics, and charcoal tabs - nothing. I then drank pond water till I vomited twice. Sick status and thirsty went normal, others remained.

I kept swiming for another 20min and finally managed to get the hyperthermia message off. I then went out of the pond, checked my statuses: color ok, energyzed remained bright green, nothing else appeared.

I was happy that I made trough that weird shit. And while I was putting my stuff back on, I died LOL


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Windows 7
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Ultimate x64 (6.1, Build 7601)
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I didn't ate nothing raw nor drinked pond water. The only weird stuff I ate yesterday was a pumpkin I found in a plot near a road.

So I don't know wtf happened. Could that pumpkin be injected with desinfectant or something? Or could had someone pour weir stuff in my tent water? Because even with that, I didn't get any "weird flavor" message for the poison stuff.

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Hello Bab.D.
Can you please post a link to your steam profile in the comments here?