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There is a way to dupe items, and become op af
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hi i would like to tell you about duping, which still is an issue. I want to report my friends who both duped and tried to hack the game. Their usernames are: Reggae Shark, and Juan Carlos , respectively. Now you might wonder why i would report my friends, its simply because i have a passion for day z, and i dont want the game to be ruined by hackers and cheaters. i suggest banning them for a month or two to teach them a lesson. Anyways take a look at their characters, and see that they are exactly the same, and with enormous amounts of gear, that would take weeks to get. Thank you


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Duping happens, it is an issue, the devs are Very well aware of it, and once the big engines get finished, i am sure they will put focus on the database duplication issues.

A simple opps server reset can reveal 2 items still.

Persistence has come a long way, just needs some double error checks.

So the devs wont do anything about it?

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It would be a waste of time and resources to fix these issues at this current point in development. Once they have more of the finalized bits in, then they can go thru and start to squash all this stuff. It is just like the swim glitch and other character related stuff that will be fixed once the new animation system is in place.

I have seen this behavior before and to me it really seems like your "friends" didn't want to let you in on the cheating party and you got upset about it and decided you were going to show them and file a report, specially with your suggested punishment. But now you are even more upset because there is not going to be the retribution you were hoping for.

If you really want to combat this sort of behavior record it and file reports with the servers you play on, or with the server providers and get them banned from those servers, or get the public servers that are harboring this activity on taken down and removed. I personally almost never play on public servers and I still come across wall glitchers and swimmers and arrow dupers drawing pictures with arrows on the ground and servers resetting and everybody losing all there gear and the entire server spawning in Vybor.

Over the last couple weeks there has been a huge increase in hacking on even private servers and it really is a bummer, but it will not stop me from playing, I love this game and will not let cheaters and glitchers that cannot take the time to get good at this game ruin it for me, I will kill them or they will kill me, but either way I will respawn and do it all over again!

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Hello Thetoygun and thank you for the report.
Gear duplication is a result of players using in game glitches, which we do not ban users for. We are aware of most of these glitches and they are scheduled for a fix. However, if you are aware of a duplication method, post it into a new ticket through the "New Dayz Private Bug Report" form with reproduction steps and all available information so we can fix it as soon as possible.